Build beautiful iPhone, iPad, & Android apps with Boathouse

Boathouse Apps offers a comprehensiveand complete solution for healthcare, education, corporate, and marketing.


Your entire web presence can be pooled in one app.

Just connect the service you already use and Boathouse Apps will synchronize your content in a Beautiful App. WordPress, SoundCloud, Google Calendar, Facebook, Flickr, Twitter… Synchronize your existing content with the most comprehensive list of third party services available for your app.

Push notifications

Send notifications to your users concerning updated content, special offers, reminders, etc. Targeting recipients, automated messages, iBeacon and geofencing options are possible.

Content Management System

Advanced backend includes editor to create your own articles, videos, pictures, audio, forms, maps.

Social Network Integration

Connect your Facebook and Twitter page directly in the application.

Real-time App Updates

Apply modifications instantly to your published app with a single clickusingour simple yet powerful backend portal. 


Native for iOS & Android

Every application is configured specifically for the device, resulting in an unmatched user experience.


Adaptive Design

Each piece of content in the application is configured specifically for the device, resulting in unmatched impact on the user.

High Quality Design

Wide range of graphic design options, each carefully crafted by experienced designers to provide beautiful visuals throughout your app.

Advanced Content Management System

Dive into Boathouse’s advanced content management system and craft the perfect message with news articles, photos, videos, audio, calendars, maps and more.

Intuitive navigation

Personalization tools for making your application’s navigation unique.

User authentication

Allow users to create profiles and sign in through email, Facebook, or Twitter

Manage user access rights

Split your users into groups and define access rights for each group. Restrict/give access to certain sections or the entire app.

Build mobile apps faster

Boathouse Apps provides the most comprehensive list of features available for your app. We recognize that our platform needs to be as flexible and unique as the industries we work with. Connect to the largest library of features available to anyone, anytime, on any device.


Connect to Content

Connect your pictures from Instagram, flickr, etc., your videos from YouTube, Dailymotion, etc. and your RSS, WordPress, Squarespace content.

Maps & GPS Directions

Display geolocated points on a map and include driving directions for Google Maps & Apple Maps.

Calendar Integration

Display upcoming events accompanied by descriptions, photos, maps, contact info, and more.

Analytics reports

Gain insight into traffic, activity, demographical data, and more. Use the reports we provide or opt for external sources to view more details.

Offline Usage

Allow your users to access the app without an internet connection. (Not available with all features).

Live Chat

Users can communicate openly either on a public chat wall or through private messages.